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Message02 Kotaro Fukuda

I felt that the potential of active ingredient was brought out by nanoparticle technology. I would like to release a lot of products responsive to a client's expectations and evaluation.

Our company brought “Ryukyu no Megumi series (functional foods and food materials)” to the market. The products contain agricultural and marine products from Okinawa, Japan. I am mainly engaged in R&D for manufacturing gamma-oryzanol -- a naturally occurring, physiologically active substance -- into nanoparticles. I will make continuous efforts to make this substance into a product suitable for a pharmaceutical or supplemental application. In Okinawa, there is cultural belief that longevity comes from healthy local foods that have been consumed by people for many generations.
The food is described in the Okinawan dialect as “Nuchigusui”, which means ”life medicine”. The Okinawa Laboratory was established in 2010, and the islands vegetables' are available as raw materials. At this laboratory, we are mainly carrying out research on supplements and formulations for anti-metabolic with various experts in each area for commercialization.

Our own nanoparticle technology can improve the potential of active ingredients. I am sure that our technoloy is useful for current research. As an example, gamma-oryzanol extracted from brown rice is known to lower blood glucose and triglyceride; however, we have to consume a large amount of brown rice to get benefits of gamma-oryzanol. By applying our nanoparticle technologies, gamma-oryzanol (the active ingredient) may provide fewer side effects and higher efficiency.
It is not easy to explore the best formulation method for components as a supplement. My effort will be rewarded when the products are available to the society. I am now working on the project with passions, dreams, and wishes to turn our ideas into reality.

I got the current position since I wanted to carry out research to develop something useful for medical care. I have felt a sense of mission that I have to put the results of research to practical use as a chief of Okinawa Laboratory. The project achievements that we have acquired are highly evaluated in different fields, and we feel expectations in the society. These projects include OKINAWA Industry Support Fund Project, the Okinawa Prefecture Industry Promotion Fund Project, and the Okinawa Prefecture Life Science Network Formation Project as well as the projects with well-known pharmaceutical companies. My biggest goal and dream are to maintain a high level of performance as we strive to meet the expectation of delivering superior results through high quality products.

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