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Drug development business

Practical applications of innovative nanomedicine from Japan

We are working on creation of innovative nanomedicine based on a combination of nanotechnology, medicine, engineering and pharmacology that brings us innovation.

Drug development pipeline

As Japan enters an unprecedented aging society, medical needs have gone through dramatic changes. However, drug manufacturers don’t have drug discovery nor manufacturing ability to meet the demand of society. Practical applications have been delayed.
We are conducting research and development primarily of nanoparticle formulations for a cardiovascular agent, and have already participated in multiple projects to transfer discoveries or inventions from basic research at universities to industry. We have now three drug pipelines in development, and are searching for various potentials for drug development.

Selling business of nanoparticles

We are carrying out research and development of a nanoparticle formulation encapsulating medicine with poly(lactic-co-glycolytic acid) (PLGA) of a bioabsorbable polymer.
We offer services to develop new drugs or health foods by encapsulating a variety of raw materials, such as compounds under development in pharmaceutical companies, compounds of development being aborted due to shortcoming in their effectiveness, and drugs that have gone off patent, into PLGA nanoparticles.