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Promoting “self-medication” using the technologies cultivated in the drug development business

We are developing products in an efficient and scientific methods by applying our technologies, which have been established in the drug development business, to the development of health foods.

Development of high-functional health foods

We are developing an innovative high-functional health food in which functional components derived from brown rice with anti-obesity effects, such as weight reduction, improvement of hyperglycemia, and lipid-lowering, are encapsulated into nanoparticles. We aim to place this health food on the market by 2018.
※This development has been adopted in the Collaborative Promotion Project to Create Innovative Monodzukuri (Manufacturing) Industry in FY 2015 by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)

We developed the natural pigment (monascus pigment)-nanoparticles as the substitute for natural color formers.The monascus pigment-encapsulated nanoparticles have the function of coloring. We aim to place it on the market by FY2017.
※This development has been adopted in the Collaborative Promotion Project to Okinawa Science and Technology Innovation in FY2017 by Okinawa Prefecture.

Ryukyu no Megumi

We have developed a health food named “Ryukyu no Megumi (Registered)” in capsule form. Ryukyu no Megumi contains extracts from vegetables produced in Okinawa and extra virgin olive oil that has anti-oxidative effects.