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Medical device development and sales business

Development and sales of medical devices that are used for patients utilizing experiences and knowledge cultivated through the drug development business.

SENTAN Pharma is carrying out the development and sales of the existing medical devices utilizing experiences and knowledge cultivated through the drug development business. In this business, we established the marketing networks throughout Japan and the networks with the frontlines of healthcare. These networks are used in the other businesses.

Sales of “PIT system”, a catheter for thrombus removal

We obtained sales rights of PIT catheters and their related products made by ARGO CURE SYSTEM, and have sold them to more than 30 medical device dealers.

Product specifications

  1. PIT allows safe and effective recanalization of the thrombotic occluded blood vessels.
  2. PIT significantly decreases peripheral embolization, no reflow and slow flow.
  3. A combination of PIT and thrombus suction shortens the treatment time for treatment of thrombosis.
  4. PIT is particularly useful for treating a large blood clot in a blood vessel.
  5. Thrombolysis with PIT identifies anatomical regions, which enables to determine the strategy for next medical intervention.
  6. PIT allows rapid recanalization with a small amount of thrombolytic agents because of a direct administration of these agents into the targeted vessels.

Development of a thrombus destruction and suction catheter

We are now developing a novel suction catheter that is able to break down and aspirate the thrombus at the same time (Patent Registration No.5597737).
The existent suction catheters have a major drawback when the sucked thrombus gets stuck within a catheter during treatments. In such case, the catheter should be removed and the thrombus must be removed. Another drawback occurs when the size of thrombus is larger than a suction port of the catheter. In such case, the catheter should be removed under negative pressure because thrombus can get stuck in a suction port of catheter at removal of the device. The repeated suction operations may cause an increase in the suction amount of autologous blood, sometimes requires a blood transfusion.

Our suction catheter under development can break down the thrombus to prevent from clogging by continuous infusion of physiological saline from infusion pores while aspirating continuously. Infusion of physiological saline results in dilution of blood, which reduces the viscosity of blood and increases suction efficiency. Therefore, the aspiration amount of autologous blood itself can be suppressed by dilution of blood with physiological saline.

■	It is possible to aspirate continuously, thereby the time required for the procedure is drastically shortened. ■Improvement in suction efficiency ■	No necessity of removing a catheter whenever it is clogged.

Appropriate management of intellectual property

Title of the Invention Applicants Application No. Status
Medical solution injecting device
Suction catheter
SENTAN Pharma Inc. 2002-204014 Granted
Suction catheter SENTAN Pharma Inc. 2007-054235 Granted