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Greetings from President

“To be a drug discovery venture company bridging the gap between basic research outcomes of academia and industry”

SENTAN Pharma is a drug development bioventure company that is conducting research and development of nanoparticle formulations using nanotechnology, mainly focusing on cardiovascular drugs. In addition, we are working on product development efficiently and scientifically by applying our expertise and human resources cultivated through the development of drugs to the development of health foods.

The pharmaceutical industry has a huge global market, which is predicted to continue to grow in the future. Original medicines, i.e., new pharmaceutical drugs, account for approximately 80% of the pharmaceutical market. Japan is one of a few nations that can develop new drugs, thus the development of new drugs is a promising business capable of cultivating global market. However, the current situation is bad. Development of new drugs is a huge expense. Many drug discovery or development venture companies find it difficult to secure continual investments or funds because the preceding drug discovery or development ventures have not generated profit yet. Therefore, the business environment surrounding a drug discovery venture has been gone into a downward spiral.

In order to commercialize a worldwide standard minimally invasive medicine under such difficult circumstances, we are establishing a business structure where the drug development business is continuously supported by the profit obtained from other businesses including development of health foods with expectations on the market within 5 years. We are working on each business in order to succeed sooner as a drug development venture company.
The future vision of our company is to become a drug development venture company that transfers discoveries or inventions in the basic research by universities to the industry.
Compared to Europe and the United States, discoveries or inventions from academia in Japan remain at a high level. However, most of them are practically unusable due to many challenges called the Devil River or the Valley of Death. In order to put outstanding discoveries or inventions from academia to practical use, we are deploying research and development encompassing from basic research to the market in collaboration with the relevant organizations.

SENTAN Pharma connects the outcomes of basic research in academia and industry. This creates a positive circle of research and development and human resources development, making it possible to build a structure for a world-leading drug development business. Such structure will create a new industry in Japan and drive economic growth.
We will make a breakthrough in business in Kyusyu-Okinawa area where drug developing bioventures are few in number. In addition, we will strive to realize our corporate philosophy that we contribute to the health of the nation and welfare of people around the world by using nanoparticle formulation technology. We would like to sincerely ask you all for your support and cooperation.