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経営理念 ― 国民の健康と世界の福祉に貢献すること ―

On the basis of development of original nanoparticle-formulation,
we carry out research and development regarding novel
diagnostics and therapeutics and contribute to health of the nation
and welfare around the world by realizing novel nano-medical
treatment originated in Japan.


Month Year Overview
February 2007 Established Sentan Pharm Inc. as a venture company originated from Kyushu University(Capital: ten million yen).
Contracted a joint research agreement with Kyusyu University.
March 2008 Started the development of pitavastatin-encapsulated PLGA nanoparticle formulations in collaboration with Kowa Company, Ltd.
October 2008 Contracted a distributorship agreement for nanoparticles with Hosokawa Micron Co.
July 2009 Adopted into the “Fukuoka Prefecture Bio-Ventures Cultivation Project“ in FY 2009.
September 2009 Adopted into the “Okinawa New Industry Research and Development Support Project”.
January 2010 Established Okinawa Laboratory.
February 2010 Received the 10th BIO BUSINESS COMPETITION JAPAN Special Recognition Award.
April 2010 Started manufacturing a nanoparticle formulation under GMP for clinical investigational products.
January 2011 Sumio Mabuchi, Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismJapan's land, infrastructure, and transport minister (at the time), visited our Okinawa Laboratory.
April 2011 Adopted into the “OKINAWA Industry Support Fund Project” in FY2011.
The name of business plan: development of a new product of Ryuteki series, called “Ryukyu no Megumi.”
June 2011 Adopted into the Intellectual Cluster Formation Project (research title: metabolomic study for the technological development of health-longevity improvement through new approaches to the transdermal absorption of the active ingredients), participated in a joint research project of Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University
February 2012 Acquired the Specially Controlled Medical Devices Sale License.
March 2012 The capital was increased to thirty million yen.
May 2013 Shinzou Abe, Japan's prime minister, visited Kyusyu University.
Professor Egashira made a presentation “Practical application of a nanoparticle formulation for treatment of severe pulmonary hypertension and its clinical trial.”
July 2013 Relocated Okinawa Laboratory
Concluded a contract of outsourcing agreement for research and development of health foods with Kowa Company, Ltd.
Relocated our headquarter office to Shimokawabatamachi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka, Japan
August 2013 Adopted into the “OKINAWA Industry Support Fund Project” in FY2013.
Adopted into the “Environmental Technology Revolution Project in water and foliage in rural areas toward sixth sector industrialization” in FY2013.
December 2013 Commenced sales of PIT system (PIT catheter, pack for treatment and hand PIT) based on transfer of business.
August 2014 The capital was increased to ninety million yen.
September 2014 Adopted into the “Okinawa Prefecture Life Science Network Formation Project”.
March 2015 The capital was increased to 105.75 million yen.
October 2015 Adopted into the “Collaborative Promotion Project to Create Innovative Monodzukuri (Manufacturing) Industry”. in FY 2015 by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)
December 2015 The capital was increased to 192.6 million yen.
June 2016 Adopted into the “Okinawa Scientific and Technological Innovation Formation Project ” in FY 2016.
The capital was increased to 194.85 million yen.
August 2016 The capital was increased to 221.4 Million yen.
April 2017 Took over genome analysis and management corporation business from Okinawa Institute of Advanced Sciences.