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Support improvement of function for various compounds by nanoparticle technologies with PLGA

We have our own nanoparticle technologies and are applying the technologies to various compounds. The sustained release, stability or absorption property of compounds is expected to be improved by our nanoparticle technologies with PLGA.
Recently, we have obtained data that a nanosized compound exhibits its effect at a dose 100- to 1,000-fold lower than that of the original compound.
Accordingly, we would like to recruit the research institutions and companies searching for functionality improvement of fat-soluble low molecular weight compounds as described below.If you provide us the compounds aimed at giving nanoparticle characteristics, we will make them into nanoparticles at our laboratory.

Object compounds
  • Compounds requiring higher doses to exhibit a beneficial effect.
  • Compounds aimed at extending their effects by a sustained release
  • Compounds that the stability is low due to rapid degradation by metabolism

Product development utilizing nanoparticle manufacturing technologies

Development of a new nano-drugDevelopment of a new nano-supplement

Structure of nanoparticles

Main Feature
  • 1. Various functional components, including hydrophilic substances and hydrophobic substances, can be encapsulated.
  • 2. DDS functions, such as sustained release, retentivity, permeability and stability, are provided.
  • 3. Easy to handle because of a powder (solid) with flocculent property.
Bulk curcumin
Curcumin-encapsulated PLGA nanoparticles

Advantage of nanoparticles

1. Making off-patent drugs, compounds of development being aborted
 and existing raw materials into nanoparticles.
There is a possibility that nanoparticles offer entirely new function, which enable research and development to lead to an application for a patent.
2. Nanoparticle formulations can produce the same effects as the original compounds in small doses.
Nanoformulation can have greater effectiveness with less amount of materials. The techniques are applicable to rare compounds that may have limited supply due to location and season. The process can be cost effective by reducing the amount of compounds to be used.

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SENTAN Pharma Inc. Okinawa Laboratory
Okinawa Life Science Research Center, 5--8 Suzaki,
Uruma, Okinawa, Japan
R&D Department Manager Kotaro Fukuda, Ph.D.