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Research and Development Structure

Okinawa Laboratory

Our Okinawa laboratory is developing new drugs and new materials such as functional foods. The laboratory serves as a base for manufacturing nanoparticles.

  • Off-patent drugs
  • Existing raw materials
  • Compounds that the development was discontinued.
  • Rare raw materials

We will make raw materials, which are provided by various research institutes and companies in compliance with the request, into the nanoparticles suitable for each material, and will propose these nanoparticles as new materials for pharmaceuticals or health foods.
There are many materials that may prevent or improve lifestyle-related diseases in Okinawa, where a variety of plants peculiar to the subtropical area grow wildly.
Our Okinawa laboratory explores functional substances in (or found in) agricultural, forestry, and fishery products available in Okinawa.We conduct research to develop foods that are derived from natural sources and bring them to the market.

Joint Research with Kyusyu University

Our company is a drug discovery venture company emerged from Kyusyu University. Based on the original nanoparticle formulations invented by Professor Kensuke Egashira of the Department of Cardiovascular Research, Development, and Translational Medicine, Center for Disruptive Cardiovascular Medicine, Kyushu University, we are promoting commercialization of the outputs of drug discovery research and development in line with a national goal by industry-academia-government collaboration.